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  1. Carmen /

    Dear Nick and Peppe too Thank you for the wonderful seivrce you provided us the other day from Rome to Assisi and then to Florence. Thanks to Peppe’s excellent driving and keeping us on schedule we managed to see everything in Assisi that we hoped to see in the 3 hours we had there and he even got us to Florence in time to have dinner with the rest of our big tour group there. Everything could not have gone better. We were all very happy with the way things went. It was nice for the 4 of us to relax in Peppe’s nice van while he did the driving. And Assisi is such a pretty Medieval village that we all wish we could go back there someday, perhaps stay there a few days, so we could wander around on the streets, and have more time to explore the old churches connected with St. Francis. If we get back to Italy in the next few years we will certainly keep you all and your company in mind for private van seivrce.A lot of celebrations coming up here. My 64th birthday is tomorrow (26 Nov), then Thursday is our American holiday Thanksgiving, and of course in December is Christmas. A happy holiday season to you all.Thanks again,Frank (and Patricia) Johnson(and from Ralph and Midge Mirandi too)

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